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We are the only certified facility for the production of zirconium dioxide blanks for dental prosthetic structures in Russia. The quality characteristics of our products are at the premium level and fully meet European and international standards. The raw materials for our products are the highest quality zirconia powders produced by the Japanese TOSOH Concern.

The production cycle uses up-to-date equipment from Germany and Switzerland, manufactured according to our technical specifications and having almost no analogues in Europe. It implements all the latest technical solutions, and takes into account the experience of such advanced specialized European enterprises as Dental Direkt, Zirkonzahn, Iso Ceram, Metoxit AG.

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We love to help patients work better with their dentists. Dr. Mark Burhenne will help to ask the right questions.

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Dentistry have been great at keeping me in work, they always line something else up.
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